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The handheld label printer for your kitchen.

A comprehensive labelling solution for commercial kitchens that streamlines food preparation and reduces waste.

Food Label System Handheld printer




Food Label System Handheld label printer


Keep your kitchen fully compliant with Natasha’s Law & EHO Prep Labels

In October 2021 Natasha’s Law came into place requiring all companies who sell pre-packaged foods to accurately display all ingredients on the package, & highlight any & all of the 14 allergens the food may contain.  With Food Label System you can:


Provide all your kitchen staff with the relevant EHO and Natasha’s Law labels.


Makes the process of food labelling as easy and simple as possible.


Use the best All-In-One system.


Natasha’s Law Labels, EHO Labels and Prep Labels are easy to clean and ensure you comply with the law.



Improve Efficiency in Your Kitchen

Complying with Food Safety and Labeling laws can be time-consuming. Food Label System helps you with a safer, more efficient way to label food. We believe your team should be concentrating on creating world-class dishes – not managing food labels.


Makes the process of food labelling as easy and simple as possible.


Easy to read and to identify.


One system for all your labelling needs


Food Label System is cost effective and saves time.

Food Label
Food Label System Handheld label printer


Technology – Second to None

The Food Label System printer is the only printer available using the latest Android technology, it is more secure than printers using older Android versions, produces superior quality labels and is future-proofed for security and app updates. We never lock our devices.
The advantage of tablet & app-based services is that the tablet can be utilised for the range of services used in your business, however, some companies restrict the use of the tablet to their app or software only, reducing it’s value to you.


The latest and best technology so your business is protected.


More About Us

Food Label System is a hand held label printer for use in professional kitchens for the purposes of food safety, stock management and allergen control.

To prove compliance with food safety regulations food companies are required to ensure all food is prepared, stored and served so as not endanger customer health, this includes maintaining standards that prepared foods are used within a safe period, the recommendation for fresh foods is within 3 days of preparation.

In October 21 Natasha’s Law came into place requiring all companies who sell pre-packaged foods to accurately display all ingredients on the package, & highlight any & all of the 14 allergens the food may contain.

Food Label System can be used for allergen awareness, automatically highlighting the allergens plus allowing you to add pricing to the labels, helping even the smallest food producers to easily & fully comply with legislation requirements.


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Frequently Asked Q’s

What kind of labels can I print?

The Kitchen Label Printer prints Prep Label/Day Dots, Sous Vide Labels, Allergen/Natasha’s Law Labels & our exclusive Quick Print, Frozen On, Defrosted On & Use First labels.

If & when demand is there, we will add further options.

Are your labels suitable for fridges & freezers?

Yes, we use food safe adhesive that will stick to your containers & packets & are designed to remain in place in temperatures down to -35c.

What if my printer is stolen?

We have security protocols in place where we can remotely disable any printer, rendering them useless to thieves. Just let us know if this happens.

Disclaimer: In the event of the device being stolen & unrecoverable you will be liable for the replacement cost of the device.

What happens if my printer stops working?

The Food Label System printer is provided on a lease basis, therefore if the equipment is found to be faulty though no fault of yours it will be replaced at no cost.

Is there a lengthy contact?

We know what it is like to run a business, & especially a hospitality business, our aim is to become a valuable partner to your business, working to make your life a bit easier, therefore we will not tie you in to lengthy contacts.

Food Label System is provided on a month by month contract, if you feel it is no longer adding value to your business, just return the hardware in good condition & there will be no further charges.

We do offer a discount for annual, up front payments, once set up are non-refundable.

Do you offer Multi-site discounts?

If you are interested in introducing Food Label System & it’s benefits to you multi site organisation please get in touch with Neil at

How do I pay?

We accept monthly or annual Direct Debit or charges to debit or credit cards.

Can I use any label? & Where do I buy them?

We only guarantee Food Label System labels will work in our printers, & have been designed to do so.

Labels can be purchased directly from our website.

We will offer automatic label ordering in the future based on the number of labels your kitchens use, so you will never run out.

Are you printer labels food safe?

Yes, We use a strong food safe adhesive so the labels will stay in place.

Our printers use thermal printing so you no ink is used (& you never run out)

Is my printer secure?

Yes, we use both the latest cyber security protocols in the building of our software & the printers run on the latest & most secure version of the Android Operating System.

Kitchens can be rough places, is there a protective cover for the printer?

Not yet but we are working on that.

Is the printer locked to just your apps?

We believe in both the versatility and advantages that the proper technology can bring to commercial kitchens, therefore we do not lock your printer.

You can install any app that your business uses that is currently on the Google Play Store.

As with all apps we recommend you install apps only from reputable sources.

Disclaimer, In the event of interruption of the software or device caused by third party apps or downloads, you will be liable for the replacement or repair costs of the device.

What is the cost?

Food Label System is £35 per month (+VAT if purchased in the UK) & include your first 10 rolls of labels,(2000+ labels).

For annual up front payments we offer 2 months free, £350 instead of £420 per year.

How do I sign up?

1. Click HERE to sign up.

2. Input your business name & user name & the address you want the printer or printers delivered to.

3.Complete the payment form (Direct Debit or Card payment)

Are my payment details safe?

We used trusted intermediaries (GoCardless for Direct Debits & Stripe for card payments) to process payment details, so we never have direct access to your payment details.

More information on GoCardless & Stripe can be found by clicking on their names.

What happens if we miss or stop paying our subscription costs?

We certainly hope this doesn’t become an issue but in the event of missed or stopped subscription payments the device will be rendered inoperable until payments resume.

We will usually contact you in the case of the first missed payment in case it is simply down to an expired card or change of bank.

In the event of missed or stopped payments you will continue to be invoiced and liable for monthly/annual fees until payments resume or the device is returned.


How Pricing Works

Per Month


Prices are + VAT for UK customer

Free postage to UK & Ireland

We deliver worldwide, please get in touch regarding postage rates.

Per year


Prices are + VAT for UK customers

Free postage to UK & Ireland

We deliver worldwide, please get in touch regarding postage rate


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